Target Cross

Looking far ahead...

Target Cross is a management software (ERP) written in the programming language Omnis Studio ( that was created since 1998 by Mr. Stefano Querzè, who still owns its intellectual property.

This ERP continued the tradition of technical excellence that Target, the first Windows ERP in Italy and one of the very first in the world, started in 1988.

A long tradition of technical excellence!

1988: Target

Target was an extremely advanced product for its time, with features that really took advantage of the graphical interface:

Target, and its evolution Target II, has been an extremely long lasting software. While created in 1988, some clients have been using it until 2018, so for 30 years, and it is still installed and working, to read historical data, even in the latest versions of Windows.
Target was sold mainly in Italy, but also in Switzerland and in Ukraine.

1998: Target Cross

Target Cross, whose development started in 1998, inherited all the experience of hundreds of Target implementations, and even its name was putting in evidence the legacy of Target.

Target Cross, however, was not simply a new version of its ancestor, but a brand new ERP.
Written using a new and more advanced version of the programming language Omnis (Omnis Studio), Target Cross introduced many advanced innovations, and at that time established once again new boundaries for this type of software:

and many other features.

Thanks to its advanced technology, Target Cross was at that time far ahead of the competitors, and this was put in evidence in the startup screen.

Target Cross is still on the market

Thanks to its exceptional features that, at the time of creations, gave this ERP a big advantage over the competitors, after more than 20 years of commercialization Target Cross it is still actively on the market, and it is sold:

While Italy was its main market, Target Cross has been sold in:

2012: X-Cross

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, more than ever in IT technology, that moves faster than any other sector, so starting from 2012 a brand new ERP was created.

Target and Target Cross have always been far ahead with respect to the competitors of their times, but, starting from 2002, several international big players entered the Italian market, that became more crowded and difficult.
To re-establish the technical superiority that could have been lost, the approach to this new development was totally different with respect to Target Cross.
Instead of writing the software using Omnis Studio as it is, like it was with Target and Target Cross, a brand new development tool, based on Omnis Studio, was created: CrossModel

X-Cross and CrossModel


CrossModel is an advanced XORM (Extended Object Relational Mapping) that can create extremely advanced multilevel data structures that are at the base of the X-Cross Internet technology.

In addition to that, CrossModel is a development framework that, combined with the data modeler, reduces the number of programming lines by more then 90%.

The main advantages of a software developed with this tool are:

The legacy of Target Cross

Even if it has been completely rewritten using CrossModel, X-Cross makes good use of the experience acquired with thousands of installations of Target Cross, retaining, and improving, all the features that determined the success of the previous ERP, but using a brand new proprietary development technology.

The main (and new) features of X-Cross are:

And many other features and innovations that you can see at

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